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Our school in Quito is located in a beautiful building in the Mariscal area. Upstairs and outside, several classrooms can accommodate both group and private lessons. There is a common area where you will find comfortable couches, a Ping-Pong table and freshly-made coffee. In the garden, you will find a lemon tree that attracts many hummingbirds. When it is good weather, Spanish classes are held in this pleasant garden instead of in the classrooms. Nearby the school, you find shops, restaurants and nice cafes.

Why Study Spanish in Quito:

Study Spanish in the heart of the lively Mariscal area in Quito full of cafes, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions.
People from Ecuador speak clear Spanish and it is an ideal place to improve your Spanish language skills.
Great volunteering options thanks to the serious commitment of the school
Galapagos is truly unique, home to some of the most pristine wildlife on the planet.
Ecuador is one of the smaller and more compact countries of Latin-America, easy to travel but as varied as other Latin American destinations
Join one of the special programs of this school: travelling classroom in Ecuador (3 weeks) or Discover Ecuador (4 weeks).

In Quito, you follow a variety of Spanish courses: intensive group or individual course, D.E.L.E preparation, or Business Spanish. The group classes - with a maximum of 6 students per class- last 4 hours a day from Monday to Friday. The private lessons have a more flexible schedule. The Spanish lessons focus on the development of communication skills (Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading). You receive grammar and a workbook; the school also provides additional resources such as videos, written materials and recordings. Do you want to see more of Ecuador while learning Spanish? Continue your Spanish studies in Banos, Montanita, Cuenta, Puerto Lopez and San Cristobal at Galapagos or participate in the Traveling Classroom Ecuador.

If you want to immerse yourself in the Ecuadorian culture, you can live with a host family and practice your Spanish and experience life with the locals. The families in Quito live about 20 minutes walking distance from the Spanish school. You will have your own private room and share the other facilities with the host family. Three meals per day are included, as well as weekly laundry service.

If you prefer a more independent option, you can stay in the student house in Quito where you live with other students. The residence is located in the centre of Mariscal, a very nice neighbourhood in Quito, where the restaurants, bars and the school are located. You will share a room with a maximum of three other students.

In addition to the Spanish lessons, the school organises a variety of afternoon activities to immerse the students in the Ecuadorian culture. You can take salsa dance classes and cooking classes and the school organizes a cocktail hour as a welcome activity. There are also tours in and around the historic city centre of Quito. And what about a traditional game night with your Spanish teachers?

Quito is located 2850 meters above sea level at the foot of the Pinchincha Volcano, creating a beautiful scenery around the city, also known as the ”City of Eternal Spring” due to its perfect climate. In addition to this wonderful climate and stunning nearby volcanoes, there is much culture. Quito is one of the oldest cities in South America. In the historic center of Quito, vendors sell their goods in the colourful street markets. The ´New City´ is also remarkable because of its parks, modern buildings and residential areas.

Thanks to the location on the equator, Ecuador is a tropical destination and a vary ravired country: there is rainforest, a beautiful coastline and Andean mountains and last but not least, the Galapagos Islands! Consider a side trip to these beautiful islands if you have the opportunity. It takes just a 2,5-hour flight from Quito! Animal species such as penguins, sea lions and giant tortoise lizards can be found on these exotic volcanic islands.

The school in Quito is seriously committed to supporting local projects and offers multiple possibilities for volunteer work in Ecuador. There are social projects (nurseries, schools, projects with street children) and nature projects (preservation programs and working with animals) at different locations throughout Ecuador: Quito, the highlands, the coast and the jungle. You can also go and volunteer on the Galapagos islands! Our volunteer coordinator makes the arrangements assists you throughout your time volunteering in Ecuador. All volunteer placements include accommodation and meals.

The in-house travel agency of our Spanish School offers full day and weekend excursions to the Indian market and village of Otavalo, to the thermal baths of Papallacta or the lovely town of Banos, at about four hours distance from Quito. There are also several tours offered in Cotopaxi National Park.

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