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Panama City is not only a great city but a central point from where you can visit many amazing spots throughout Panama and other Central American countries. The school is located in a two-story colonial house located in the heart of the Bella Vista district. In the house, you can find the Posada 1914 hostel too. There are cultural evenings, yoga classes and bike rental. Most Spanish classes take place at different locations in town. From the school it is a five-minute talk to the Cinta Costera, that takes you directly to downtown Panama City: Casco Viejo. Shops and restaurants are right around the corner.

Why Study Spanish in Panama City:

Panama City is a bustling city with great nightlife, dining, rooftop bars, shopping and salsa dancing
Visit one of the Seven Wonders of the world: the Panama Canal.
The location of the school is perfect, right under the beautiful Cerro Ancón hill.
The school is located in a nice hostel with a cosy and home-like ambience
Choose from a variety of volunteer projects in Panama
Panama is a breath-taking country with an immense diversity of nature and landscapes.
After Panama City, you can continue your studies at our schools in the beautiful towns of Boquete and Bocas.

The Spanish classes are interactive and focused on the optimal development of the language learner. The professional Spanish teachers all have many years of experience and are eager to teach you the Spanish language to the best of their abilities.

It is their goal to give you the real Panamanian experience by giving you loads of information about the culture and history of Panama. The technique of this school is to focus on communication rather than grammar. Take four hours of Spanish group classes per day, individual lessons, or choose one of the special courses: Medical Spanish, Business Spanish, Spanish for Children and Spanish & Latin American Culture.

Choose between the school’s hostel Posada 1914 or a local host family. The popular hostel is a great choice; here, the students always feel right at home. You will meet people from all over the world and share the experiences of this unique study abroad trip! There are dorms, single beds and double beds and you can use the fully equipped kitchen, laundry and dry cleaning service, free Wi-Fi, free coffee and tea, a book exchange. Last but not least: this hostel hosts the only Baboons Boulder Wall of Panama City!

Another great lodging option is to stay with a host family in Panama. Here you can fully immerse yourself in the local culture of Panama while practising the Spanish language with enthusiastic and friendly local people.

You can do many fun activities in Panama after your Spanish classes. The school offers Latin American cooking classes to teach you the culinary culture of Central America. Another option is the Panama City Tour in Casco Viejo, the historic district with mansion-lined alleys connecting the elegant colonial buildings and plazas of Panama. You will also visit some of the many museums or historical sites in Panama City, such as the very famous Panama Canal that connected the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean and opened up the seaways for trade.

Panama is an astonishing country surrounded by picture-perfect beaches and rich vegetation. Panama City is right in the middle of this amazing scenery. The Old Town of Panama City is easy to recognise by all its colourful houses covered with orange Spanish roof tiles. This part is called Casco Viejo, full of beautiful colonial architecture and cobblestone streets. Another major attraction in the city is the impressive engineering feat of the Panama Canal. The modern part of the city provides a nice mix of fancy restaurants, theatres, bars, museums and shops. The lush belt of rainforest that surrounds Panama City provides opportunities for day trips, e.g. to indigenous villages and the tropical paradise of the San Blas archipelago.

A great way to improve your Spanish skills, get to know a new culture and help the local community is by participating in our volunteer program in Panama City. You can choose between health, a social or an environmental placement. The health projects include options at an after school care centre and a centre for people affected by cancer. In the environmental field, you can choose to work at an environmental institute. Finally, you can also do volunteer work at a home shelter for kids where you can organize workshops and (sports or music) activities and help the kids with their homework. Contact us before arrival to see if you meet the requirements.

Popular tours from Panama city are tours to the Mira Flores Locks of the Panama Canal or a half a day hike to the Cerro Ancón Hill, to spot wildlife such as monkeys, deer, poison dart frogs and toucans. Another option for fauna lovers is the Canopy Tower, not far from Panama City in the Soberanía National Park, that offers unique bird watching tours.

The #1 tour is probably the visit to the San Blas islands; within a three-hour road trip and an hour boat trip, you will step into another world: the world of the Guna Indians with pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters, stunning sunsets and an amazing underwater world.

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