Spanish for Families

A Spanish immersion program for families (with a special Spanish program for Kids) is a great way to grow, create memories and bond through exciting activities and excursions. You will learn more about Latin American culture and the Spanish language and expand your horizons.

Spanish courses for families in Latin America are highly customizable to ensure that both the kids and the adults have an amazing time. During the weekends and after the class, you will participate in a variety of family-friendly activities and tours.

Adults are encouraged to take engaging group or private classes that match the schedule of their children. Kids and teens can take semi-individual classes, while some Spanish schools offer fixed starting dates for Kids and teens.

Especially kids have the miraculous ability to learn Spanish quickly and have a higher chance to become fluent. Spanish lessons for kids and teens are specially adapted to be age-appropriate, active, stimulating and engaging. The teachers work with Spanish games, music with songs in Spanish for kids and teens, painting, poems, art, dance, books and magazines, according to the age of the kids. (Short) Visits to interesting places in town are part of the program: the shop, the market, a school, a museum.

Depending on the country you choose, different cultural activities are included in the Spanish family lessons, for instance offers salsa dance classes and cooking workshops. In all the countries you will find great opportunities for travelling after the Spanish classes (Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, or Costa Rica).

Families are also welcome to learn Spanish faster by staying in a local homestay. Living with a local family can help you see how another family from a different country lives. You will try new foods and learn about different customs and values. Homestay families can be matched to your preferences, including if you want children or teens that are a similar age to your own children.

Recommended destinations:

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Spanish in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

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Spanish in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Learn Spanish in Mexico and explore the Mexican culture at this Spanish school in Oaxaca. Try the amazing Mexican food, meet...

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Spanish in Panama city, Panama

Study Spanish in the heart of Bella Vista in Panama City and visit the Panama Channel, Casco Viejo and the amazing San Blas...

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Spanish in Cusco, Peru

Study Spanish at this popular Spanish school in beautiful Cusco, Peru and learn Spanish quickly with Spanish lessons for all...

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Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Study Spanish in the city that never sleeps: the vibrant Argentine Capital Buenos Aires. Explore the city with free cultural...

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Spanish in Boquete, Panama

Study Spanish in the charming highland town Boquete, known for its ecotourism and beautiful scenery. Visit the Barú Volcano....

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Spanish in Bocas del Toro, Panama

Take Spanish classes at our Spanish School in Bocas del Toro, a relaxed Caribbean island town in Panama. Options for...

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Spanish in Bariloche, Argentina

Learn Spanish in a great natural environment with excellent outdoor activities in Bariloche. Combine your Spanish classes...