Latin American Culture Test

Test yourself: Latin American Culture

What do you already know about Latin America and Latin American culture? About the festivals, the rich history, the amazing tourist destinations, the food? Latin America is a region full of cultural diversity and interesting traditions. The people are known as very friendly with a joy for life!

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Test your knowledge here!

1. Latin America was discovered in 1492 by______
2. South America and Central America in total add up to how many countries:
3. The famous Galapagos Islands, discovered in 1831 by Charles Darwin, belong to:
4. In which country is this dance the most famous dance?
5. In all of the countries in South America, Spanish is the main language:
6. The leader of the Cuban Revolution that took place from 1953-1959 was:
7. The most important Inca Ruins which are also referred to as the lost city of Machu Picchu, are located in:
8. Where can you find the place on the picture below?
9. In which South American country is most of the Amazon Rainforest found?
10. Where can you find the place on the picture below?
11. What are the three main languages in Peru?
12. What is the capital of Bolivia?
13. What is this typical cocktail of Latin America called?
14. Where is Shakira, a famous Latin American singer, born?
15. How are these pastries called filled with meat, vegetables, or cheese?

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