Spanish School in the Pampas, Argentina


Learn Spanish in Las Pampas - the heart of Argentina’s rural life- and experience a unique and authentic immersion into the lifestyle of a typical Argentinian country family! This Spanish school is located in Lincoln, in the Buenos Aires province. You will combine Spanish classes with rural activities. Enjoy learning Spanish on a colonial ranch surrounded by horses and cattle and try typical Argentinean dishes and go horseback riding after Spanish classes. A wonderful experience!

Our Spanish school at the Argentine Pampas breathes a very nice and cosy environment. Spanish teachers and staff all make sure the students feel at home. The classrooms are bright, spacious and comfortable. All of the rooms have central heating and air conditioning.

Why Study Spanish in The Pampas:

Living in this village is a unique experience; you will get truly immersed in Argentine country life.
The students and staff form a closed community and to many things together. It’s cosy and personal, and there is a good atmosphere.
Combine your Spanish classes at Pampas with a Spanish course in Buenos Aires or Bariloche.
The school uses interactive, communicative and personal teaching methods that will help you speak Spanish quickly.
You will have a unique insight into life in the Argentinean countryside thanks to the unique rural afternoon activities

The standard Spanish group Course consists of three hours of daily Spanish lessons in the morning in small groups of a maximum of six students. Vocabulary, conversation, games and fun exercises will help the students face real-life situations. Before starting, you will take a placement test to be sure you will be placed at a correct level. The school also offers a special senior Spanish program (10 hours of classes per week) as well as a program that combines 10 hours of Spanish class with volunteer work.

The host families in Lincoln live at approximately 20 minutes away from the school. All families are middle-class and have been carefully chosen by the school. Most of them were born in this part of Argentina, and they love to show you everything about the typical life in the Argentinean countryside. You will be able to practice your Spanish with the family members and experience Argentine customs and Argentine cooking. You can choose between breakfast only, or breakfast and dinner included.

After the Spanish classes, students participate in after-school activities such as dance classes and visits to different places. In the afternoon, you will be able to participate in rural activities. The rural activity program is highly recommended for all students and therefore automatically included in the programs; it is an important add-on for the complete immersion experience in the Argentinean countryside.

Rural activities include:

  • » Plant, spray, fertilise and harvest crops
  • » Handle, load and transport livestock
  • » Feed livestock and poultry
  • » Visit polo ranches, farms and factories in the region
  • » Prepare milking machinery and assist with milking operations
  • » Ride horses or motorbikes to muster cattle

Lincoln is a small city in the province of Buenos Aires, located at about 300 kilometres from the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. Its economy is dominated by agriculture. In the district, there are about 500,000 cows! It is not a touristic place. In Lincoln, most people work in the countryside, in a cattle ranch or on a crop farm. Here, time seems to have stopped, towns are picturesque and breathe a rural spirit. The carnival in Lincoln is very famous for its "big-headed" famous people, colourful street parades and the lively atmosphere.

Are you interested in doing volunteer work in this part of Argentina while learning Spanish? The school offers the opportunity to teach English in Argentina working at rural schools, community centres and local charities. Far away from the tourist regions, this will do wonders for your Spanish, and you will truly feel you are part the local community in Argentina.

Most of our students enjoy the typical countryside activities in the direct surroundings of Lincoln during the weekends. Recommended tours in Argentina before or after your trip to Lincoln in Buenos Aires are cultural, bike or museum tours in Buenos Aires, a day tour to Tigre and the Parana Delta, or a day trip to Colonia in neighbouring Uruguay. Popular 2 – 4-day trips in Argentina are to the Iguazu Waterfalls or the beautiful city of Salta up in the north, or further south, to Puerto Madryn, Bariloche and Patagonia.

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